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Switch actuator

8 fold 16A switch actuator

16A switch actuator, with maunual switch.  PDF manual download 

  • Parameter
  • Description

KNX: POWER  consumer ---12mA

output: 8 fold

storage temperature:
              0~60 °C
 working temperature:
8 fold 16A switch actuator with manual switch.
output load:
                16A  resistor load
                5A LED lamp
                8A incandescent lamp
                8A halogen lamp
--- status value response, query and broadcasting
---time function: on/off delay
---staircase function with the warning and adjustable staircase lighting time
---scene, preset control: 8bit/1bit
---logic operation: AND, OR, XOR, gate function
---temporary operation of high-priority
---forced operation and safe function
---threshold function setup
---control of electro thermal valve function
--- current detection and overload switching function (option ) 
---selection of preferred status after bus voltage failure and recovery